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  1. BlueSecurityMan

    Need PTZ Cam Repaired

    The IR will only "flash" on for less than a second, and this only happens when the cam goes to a preset with zoom. If I manually zoom it with the joystick, the IR will come on about 1/2 of the full zoom setting. But, again, IR will only come on for a quick "flash", and won't stay on. The IR is full brightness, just won't stay on. It seems like a bad sensor or something?
  2. BlueSecurityMan

    Camera Image Incredibly Grainy/Noisy after power cut

    Hi, are these analog? If so, connect one directly to another tv or monitor and see if the image is the same. (balun to rca plug into a tv for viewing). If it is still blurry connected directly to a tv or monitor, then try to reset the camera. Does the camera have OSD (on screen display) menu for settings? I'm thinking that it's either your cabling that's bad, or the dvr settings, or the camera's settings. By connecting the camera directly to a tv or monitor you can see if it's your cabling or dvr that is the problem. If they are IP, do the same thing, just connect them directly to the computer, bypassing he dvr. Sometimes a bad cable will show blurry image, and sometimes a voltage power drop in the wire will cause this.
  3. BlueSecurityMan

    Wireless Camera viewed on Apple Mac

    Hi, If the camera is IP, either wired or wifi, then I recommend the Apple/Mac software "SecuritySpy" by Ben Bird. It runs a software dvr on the mac computer. You can view the IP cameras, record the video, get email alerts, and just about everything that a box dvr would do. This is VERY easy to setup. All you have to do is get the security camera on the local Lan by plugging it into the router or using wifi to get it on the lan of the computer. The software then just picks up the IP address of the camera(s) and you select them. You can set SecuritySpy to do scheduled recordings, 24hr recordings, or motion detection recordings based upon movement of the camera's image. You do have to pay for the software, but it is well worth it. Their support is awesome. disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with SecuritySpy, but I have used it and highly recommend it!
  4. BlueSecurityMan

    Protective Cages for Bullet Cameras

    Hi, You could use this as a teaching moment as well. Show your shop class the problem, and I'm sure they can weld you a nice cage or something to protect them. Any good high school should be able to help you. Our local high school's welding teacher is always looking for these types of projects for his students. Our local college even has an evening adult welding class that does this stuff too.
  5. Hi, Do any of you know where I can get an LTS PTZ851X23WIR security camera repaired? Still working, but IR is acting up.
  6. BlueSecurityMan

    E-mail alerts

    Hi, The problem is Gmail is not allowing your dvr to access the "outbound" of the account to send. Your dvr is getting rejected by Gmail. Double check with Gmail for the protocol settings to put in your dvr. Think of your dvr as a computer "mail" client application that checks and sends email. When you go to Gmail website online you just put in your login and pw to check your mail because that is on "their" server. When your computer's "mail" program does it, it needs more than that, it needs either the IMAP protocols or the SMTP protocols, along with the SSL security. In your case, your dvr is going to need the "Outgoing" mail server protocol settings, port number, etc.. Go to Gmail and look up something like Computer Email Settings. That should get you going.
  7. BlueSecurityMan

    I'm going nuts.. Please help

    Hi, been there before with this type of problem. You are getting em interference from your power wires to the video wires. It's usually not too bad if you only have 1 small 12v camera being fed through a single Cat5 (video and power). But, when you have a larger amperage/wattage draw through a Cat5, it WILL cause interference through the video signal on the other wires in the Cat5. (If the camera is 24V, you absolutely can not run the power and the video through the same Cat5, as it WILL cause a lot of interference of the video signal). Even if your setup is all 12V, the easiest solution would be to run a separate Cat5 for the power to the cameras. Yes, it's a pain, but it will save you a lot of future problems.
  8. Hi, Yes, that would work. But remember, that it only has 2 wires. That will work for the VIDEO only, you won't be able to run the RS485 or power. The adapter you link to will ONLY convert from coax analog to 2-wire. Assuming you are using Cat5 (ethernet) cable to connect to the video balun of a camera, you would be better off using http://www.ebay.com/itm/191578580513 as this adapter type would allow you to run the power, RS485, and video through the Cat5.
  9. BlueSecurityMan

    CAT5E Unused Pairs Question

    Hi, Don't know if you have done this yet, but, if I remember correctly on a Cat5, pins #4,5 are for power, and #8 is for ground. I remember this because of adding POE through Cat5 to a camera setup. Your question is valid, because only specific wires are used in Cat5. You should be able to find a good pin out reference somewhere online.
  10. BlueSecurityMan

    Please read before posting in this section

    HI, I just registered. I want to post a "Classifieds" Wanted: question asking if anyone can do a PTZ camera repair? It's an LTS PTZ851X23WIR Good Forum by the way! Please Advise. Thanks, -Jim