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Discrete IP POE front door camera

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I've recently fished a bunch of Cat6 cable at home as a starting point for an IP POE camera system. I'm leaning towards something like the Hikvision DS-7600N1-E2/8P NVR as the recorder (although this is not set in stone).


I'm trying to identify a good front door camera solution that will provide a quality HD picture, while still being somewhat discrete. I'm not interested in the wireless doorbell solutions (as many of those wouldn't look right in my opinion). The Mobotix doorbell camera system has some nice functionality too (overkill perhaps for a home), but it's not the look I'm going for.


Recently I came across the "video doorphones" on the Quantometrix website (link below), which appear to provide a relatively clean solution of single unit that provides a doorbell as well as a subtle camera capability. One downside is that they are intended to tie back to a telephone system, not an IP / POE based NVR for camera recording. They seem to indicate an option to add a built-in IP color camera, but it doesn't say if it's IP POE or would require additional power wiring.


Does anyone have experience with the Quantometrix "video doorphones" or suggestions for something with a similar look for a front door camera? Installing a dome in the ceiling of the front porch could be simpler, but as many people have pointed out, that's not necessarily going to get the correct view of anyone coming up to the door and it's not as discrete. Hence, the thought of getting something that could be discretely mounted at "doorbell" height.


I also like the Axis P12 cameras, but then it comes down to determining a good mounting solution. Again, any suggestions?


Here is a link to the Quantometrix product (I'm not sure it will appear correctly in this post).



Anyone have experience with these, or a good solution for a discrete IP POE camera that could be mounted around doorbell height? Any particular mounting suggestions?



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I am looking for a similar solution.


What did you end up using to complete your application?

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