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Remote location of dvr problem, looking 4 suitable hardware

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Remote location of dvr problem, looking for suitable hardware.


Hi all, and thanks for letting me join your forum. I have a question to ask please. I have a 8ch analogue domestic swann dvr located in a metal safe in a dry room of my house. It has HDMI output with USB mouse and IR remote for control.

its all connected and working. i have used a HDMI extender+IR to bring the picture and control into my lounge via single cat 5 cable where i can control the dvr using the supplied ir remote. Picture is razor sharp. The problem is that the IR control sucks really badly, its awkward to control and frustrating, i find it easier to take a monitor over to the safe and connect it all up and use the usb mouse. looking for replacement extender that repeats the USB rather than the IR.


can any anybody help? Many thanks Frazer

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