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[Need Help] System Design + HikVision NVR Remote Back-Up

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Hello Everyone.


I've been asked to design and set up a simple surveillance system for a client, and based on what I've read browsing this forum, I've decided to go with a HikVision NVR and HikVision Cameras. Can someone please help me out with the following:


1) Which of the two (2) set-ups would you recommend? Bear in mind, I am new to all of this, and therefore an easy approach is preferred. I personally was going to go with Option 1 because I can simply plug the cameras directly into the NVR and not have to manually enter in IPs of each camera. But please let me know if Option 2 is better:




2) My client would like video recording upon motion detection. He would like a copy to be saved on the NVR, as well a recording to be saved to a remote server via FTP. Would either of the options above work? My real question is, does the HikVision NVR allow for easy FTP upload of recordings as they happen? As in, can I simply enter the FTP address (ftp.website.com) and the username and password of the FTP and the folder? I've used FOSCAM before as a test, and they have an easy to use FTP upload. Does the HikVision NVR provide similar ease-of-use? Or do the cameras themselves have to be set-up for remote back-up?


3) How easy is the system configuration above? As I said, I'm pretty new to all of this, so I would like to know how much time a first-time user would take to set up the above?


Thanks for the help!


EDIT: Image updated.

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Hikvision will not allow ftp upload of video....the HD video will use tons of bandwidth....if the user is concerned about theft of the NVR, the simplest solution is to hide a second backup NVR…you can record 24/7 to this NVR as additional backup.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'll investigate the backup NVR when I get a chance.


Is there is system that would allow for FTP video backup upon motion? Bandwidth is not an issue, client has unlimited bandwidth.


Lastly, is Option 1 or Option 2 the way to go? Would Option 2 make updating firmwares for the NVR and cameras easier?

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