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Kguard (yes I know) sha 108 v2

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I have had this system for a few years now.


It used to work - well OK - the quality was not too good, but in the days when I bought it, it was OK.


I have had a few issues - ie I have not been able to get "away from home" to work for a year or 2 - something to do with ports, I was told by KGuard. (Cant get ports to open, and canyouseeme.org, says ports are closed. 2 ISP's have been the same, and absolutely no help from either.)


Anyway, now it's gone totally haywire.


Cameras are visible on the monitor I have attached to the DVR. They appear to be all permanently recording, but I can't tel if they are, as not only can I not get live feed via the PC (yes my ip address is correct), but I can't even playback from the unit itself. (The settings say the cameras are set to record on motion sensor)


TBH, I might as well chuck it in the skip...


However, one last ditch attempt... Is there a full factory reset option (not just turning the power off, as this does nothing).


If so, what is the procedure please.


If this doesn't work, I will be investing in a better system, but it definitely won't be kguard...!



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