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P2P Fail to Connect

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I have recently installed a Dahua smart 1U DVR with Dahua cameras at my home.

Within my home Network I can connect via my mobile and see my camera's live streaming. For this connection I used the IP/Domain category in the gDMSS Plus app.


However, for remote viewing away from home this setup wont work. I tried using the P2P category in the gDMSS Plus app to work and it "Fails to connect. I scan the QR number and follow the steps as its rather simple. I tired trouble shooting without success.


Please assist.



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I know this may sound daft but on the network settings is the dhcp setting enabled , I had a similar issue with a different dvr which was also p2p and I could view whilst connected to the home wifi but not when I was connected via a different wifi , and I found out the reason was the dhcp was not enabled so the dvr wasn't getting the correct settings for the router ,once I had enabled this I could view it were ever I wanted

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