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  1. I have a customer who is having the same issue , did you get to the bottom of what was causing this ?
  2. checkley101

    New install/ connection

    So if the room is 40 metres away, what do you propose as coax should be a better solution for this type of run as vga nor HDMI would run this far , I know exactly what I'm talking about, the OP hasn't stated how far away the tv's are so don't presume they are next to the recorder
  3. checkley101

    New install/ connection

    If your dvr isn't near the tv that you want to connect it , what you'll need is to see if your dvr has a video output port usually a BNC connector , then you need a bnc to Rca cable , then you'll be able to connect your dvr to a rf modulator and then send the cctv via coax to the room you want ,
  4. checkley101

    Hikvision not clear with night vision

    Looks like it could be possible spider webs , if possible go to the cameras and give them a wipe as it could be dry rain stains
  5. So Ive had a look on my suppliers website and they currently stock the following nvr Hikvision 7604NI-SE-P it has 4 ports which supplies Poe to the cameras , as I've never done I.p so I can't recommend any cameras but most hikvision cameras especially I.p are good quality and have a good spec ,the hikvision brand is really easy for setting up to view on your phone as it has a p2p called ezviz cloud p2p , if you need anymore help let me know
  6. Ok I will get you some cameras and Nvrs which fit your requirement
  7. Are you based in the uk ? Have you thought of a location for the dvr , along with the cable routes , also are you planning on connecting it to the router so you can remotely view the cameras ?
  8. checkley101

    Network setup

    Have you got a picture of the dvr?
  9. checkley101

    Network setup

    What make of dvr do you have ??
  10. It's looks like a copy of the qvis Apollo dvrs, like Brian said if it's I.p your after then you could just put rj45 connectors on the cable then plug in to the Poe dvr , this would work fine, where abouts do you live .? I can point you in the right direction if you need any further assistance
  11. I won't ever be using cat5 again part from ip cams or lan connections to the dvr , I think it's too fiddly to do the baluns using cat5 , it's more time consuming aswell compared to using rg59
  12. I too have reverted back to rg59 as I did 1 install with cat5 and had problems so I re cabled in rg59 wit no issues
  13. and finally you'll need the female ends for the dvr end , are you based in the uk?.
  14. And these for power. The way I wire them is use 1 pair for video then you'll be left with 3 remaining pairs , I use the solid colours for positive then the opposite colours for negative , for the video balun I use the blue pair and the solid for positive and pale blue for negative
  15. I would recommend you switch to these type as I've always had issues with them