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AVTECH EagleEyes Discussion

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Good day! Hello everyone, greetings from Philippines.

I've been using AVTECH products since I started doing CCTV in 2012.

I don't know if there is a similar thread/discussion about AVTECH products here, but let's make a friendly discussions here.


So far most of the problem I encountered with AVTECH is their EagleEyesHD (plus) app for Apple iPad. It always hangs up when viewing individual camera and all the button control of the app is not functioning the video is ok but the app freeze up. You have to close the whole app and reload it again to make it work again. It's updated to the latest version but it seems to have bugs. Right now my problem with it is when I'm accessing my NVR with 16 IP camera, it opens on a 16 tile but when I click the individual channel/tile, it pops up black screen then after few seconds it open the channel that I am accessing, which I never experience in my iPhone EagleEyes plus. Any thoughts?


My another problem with AVTECH is that I encounter System Overloading on my NVR AVH312PV. Anyone encountered the same problem?



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