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Odd low voltage issue with 3 PTZ.

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So I'm gonna try my best to explain the situation for you guys don't get lost.


I am working on installing 7 cameras at a 76 gas station + car wash.

They had 32 channel DVR as a system and they had 7 vacant slots on it so I was asked to ask 7 more.


He wanted to see everything, including LICENSE PLATES(he emphasize this everytime), in his property.


I thought PTZ would do the job with right settings, so I bought 4 PTZ and 3 HD 3mega pixel cameras.


Foremost, I tested these cameras(CCTV 1200TVL SONY CMOS 30x Zoom 8IR PTZ DOME) day and night, including its infrared, before I started this job.


I have installed RG-59 cables and bnc connectors. They are all outdoor and are about 200-250 ft from the DVR. As I was done installing, I connect its power to the power supply and communication cable. It was working all perfectly! I thought I was all done so I was working on presets and sequence to cover the whole area.


Then the night came and the PTZ cameras automatically switched to infrared and this is where the PTZ camera went all wrong. Black screen, can't really see anything, blurred motions and barely visible. I thought it was the power supply box and the box is not supplying enough power so I get rid of the power supply box and hook the power onto the adapters they sent me with the camera. Still the same issue. Only one of them is working fine out of 4. Coincidentally,the only PTZ camera working fine is hooked up on to the coax cable that was there already, I took one of the camera out because it was old.


I decided to check cameras system information from the setting and 3 of the cameras that are not working is getting 10.1v, 10.1v and 8.0v. During the day it's functioning okay but every time when infrared is on it goes wrong.


So then I try to diagnose the problem, trying to locate where the power is leaking. I test power and it's getting 12.4v in and out. It rained over here in California so I thought the water got into the either the cable or the camera so I give it some time to dry up and try again but still the same low voltage.


So I decided to take the camera home and I gave it a test again. Night vision works completely fine at home.. I haven't fully tested at home yet because all the other equipment is at the work location.


I can't really think of anything at the moment.. Anyone knows about this issue? Or can guess?

I am sure almost everyone here knows a lot more than me about CCTV and it's installation process so I'm betting on it.





1st one gets 8.0v doesn't work

2nd one gets 11.1v (works fine)

3rd one gets 10.0v doesn't work


Once again they all work durin the day just doesn't work with infrared.


My apology for posting a topic with such a long text.


I will frequently get on to answer any questions if I ever get any!


Edit1. Forgot to mention that cameras are 12v dc

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your voltage is too low possibly because the resistance on cable run for dc power is too long or cable to small therefore resistance is dropping voltage once the additinsl night ir lights power pulls more current, can you mount the psu nearer the camera and feed from there.

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Yup, you need to move the power supply closer to each camera and reduce the amount of wire. You are getting a large voltage drop because of distance. Your other option would be to dramatically increase the wire size, but even that will only work for a small distance and costs quite a bit.

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I think you guys are all right. It has to be the distance dropping the voltage.


I forgot to add this because I didn't know this was gonna be an issue but


When I installed RG-59 cameras to the office I laid all the cables in the knee wall or loft whatever it's called. Now that I think about it, I might have A LOT of extra wires rolled up there. So as soon as I go to work Monday I will check them and get rid of the all the extra wires and install a psu near there and send video to the same office that has the DVR.


So video cable doesn't have to do anything with it right? It's mainly the power right?


Thank you guys. You guys are great.

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I do think it's the resistance of the cable due to the distance is the cause of voltage drop.


What if I buy and install voltage regulator or voltage booster? Would they help?


Or is there a device that maintains the dropped voltage due to the distance?

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Yes it is a voltage drop issue. If I were you I will use a 24VAC/50VA power supply to each PTZ camera. If your PTZ camera aren't dual voltage (12VDC/24VAC) then

I will use AC to DC Power Converter (24VAC to 12VDC Regulator) at the end of the camera. They are rated at 2 amps at 12VDC some are more. I am assuming your power wire is at least #18 or better. Even if your AC drop to 20 volts you're still getting 12VDC all the time.


Good Luck!

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