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  1. phillipscctv

    Multiple Channel viewing

    Check your live view display settings if your NVR can support spot output. If not you can only see a duplicate image of all the outputs of the NVR. Some Dahua high end models can support 2 HDMI output, 1 for Spot out.
  2. phillipscctv

    Explain pls what is the goal of such network desi

    The diagram shows your NVR has 4 POE ports but it can support up to 16 IP cameras. By adding POE switch you'll be able to plug in additional IP cameras (check your NVR specs as to how may IP camera it can support). Yes it will record all your IP cameras once your NVR and external POE switch are plugged in to the router on the same network. Yes the diagram is 100% correct. Good Luck!
  3. phillipscctv

    Pelco Spectra III Camera Not Working

    Check your RS485 (data wire) behind the back box of the dome housing Are you using a matrix switcher? Is your protocol coaxitron? make sure your PTZ dip switch addressing is correct. Let me know Phillip
  4. phillipscctv

    dvr lan connection blocking internet

    Make sure your wired PC's are connected to the same network.
  5. phillipscctv

    Bosch PTZ Autodome Easy - no operation?

    Try a different protocol and baud rate on both camera software and PTZ. Pelco D @ 2400 baud rate is pretty much standard on most DVR's that can support PTZ's Good Luck!
  6. phillipscctv

    KBD300A Macros??

    Macros will only work if your KBD300A is connected to a Pelco matrix switcher, like CM6800, CM6700, CM9760 but not via direct connect to a PTZ. Good Luck!
  7. phillipscctv

    Audio Problems

    Can you post the model number of the DVR.
  8. phillipscctv

    Analog camera suggestions for really close up view

    Use a box style camera with 6-60 MM lens. Like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/HD-700TVL-Sony-CCD-6-60mm-IRIS-Lens-Security-Box-Camera-OSD-D-WDR-USA-Shipping-/181522556589?hash=item2a439666ad:g:WhgAAOxykUZTjJr9 Good Luck!
  9. phillipscctv

    KBD300A Macros??

    Select your PTZ. Position your camera to a selected location. Select preset number and press PRESET button for 5 seconds. The position of the PTZ is now saved to the preset number you assigned. Good Luck!
  10. Can you attach an image here.
  11. It looks like the inline filter you referring to is video balun, video balun is used to transmit analog signal over CAT5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP). This is very common problems at night when the IR is ON (horizontal lines rolling) if you have multiple cameras with a different brand, this can be corrected by isolating your power supply. Also, ground loop isolator doesn't work with balun and it will make it worst. Unplug the 2 bad cameras and use a separate power supply. You may also unplug all the camera power supply and plug it in one by one and see which camera has the rolling lines so you know which one to separate. I suggest you do this at night when the IR is ON. Please update us with the results. Good Luck!
  12. phillipscctv

    Re-terminate Dahua HFW4300

    It's still 568B configuration the difference is the color of the wires they used. Look at the other end of the CAT5/6 RJ45 connector and write down the color from pin 1-8 and match that to the new RJ45. Good Luck!
  13. phillipscctv

    HELP ?? Port Forwarding Doesn't work ?

    Go to canyouseeme.org and check if you're port is successfully open.
  14. phillipscctv

    ISO QUIET camera for inside nanny cam duty on Swann DVR

    Any analog 960H non IR camera (color only) will work for you or you can get one with an IR and OSD (On Screen Display) so you can disable/enable the filter settings to day/night or color only. Settings to color only will disable the true day night feature of the camera and eliminating the switching/flipping sound of the camera. Like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sunvision-1000TVL-HD-Night-Vision-1-3-CMOS-CS-Zoom-Lens-Dome-Camera-w-OSD-111-/121663058506?hash=item1c53aef24a:g:6t8AAOSwpdpVZqkW Good Luck!
  15. The camera you purchased are analog HD-TVI technology and is not compatible with your analog D1 DVR. Good Luck!