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A general G'DAY

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Hi Guys n Gals, I am in OZ & recently purchased my 1st DVR & a couple of cams, to help protect my family from a convicted sex offender next door, who has systematically terrified my wife & children, not to mention damage my home (windows), animals, (poisoned & stolen puppies), vehicles (thrown paint stripper over 2 cars) & indecently exposed himself & made suggestive comments to my wife & sons. This all has been allowed to go unpunished as the police wont act without absolute proof. We have several audio recordings of his bragging about the damage & filthy behavior, but it is inadmissable in court. I have very little knowledge of using surveillance systems , unlike the grubby neighbour who uses state of the art set ups as protection for himself. Please be patient if I ask some seemingly silly questions about getting set up. lol On a brighter note Happy New Year ALL

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