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Making IP Cam's Stream Look Like OTA TV Station On Coax?

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I would like to have one of my IP cams easily available on my TV without a lot of hocus-pocus and/or keystrokes by the viewer.


Unencumbered by any real knowledge, the first thing that occurs to me is some device that can read the IP cam's TCP/IP packet/stream, wrap it in whatever it takes to make it look like a digital OTA broadcast station, and inject it into my coax where the TVs in the house can happily tune it as, say, Channel 99.


Is there any hope for this?


Some other approach ?


FWIW, I am also running SageTV, fed by three SiliconDust HD HomeRun dual tuners: 100% OTA.


But a coax option calls out to me the strongest because some of the technophobes in our house are not comfortable with Sage and injecting the cam's stream into the coax would allow viewing both ways.

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Your going to need an IP decoder like this one to decode the IP stream to analog:




Then you going to need an analog video modulator like this to take the analog video signal and create a new channel for it:




The output from the modulator will get combined with your existing CATV cable. Using a splitter backwards is the cheapest.


All this assumes your existing CATV system will allow the addition of an analog channel. Depending on your system, there may be some caveats to the above.

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