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Hikvision or not?

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I have two locations with Hikvision cameras.

1) convenience store with 4 cameras installed.. it needs 4 more. It uses Hikvision NVR DS-7616N-E2 NVR.

2) home. I think I am down to 2 cameras (moved 2 to store, and lost one to the elements). At home all I have is Survaillance Station (by Synology)


Store stuff works.. recently caught some shoplifeters, and filmed a break-in attempt (and learned about the pain of software in the process)


I am not a huge fan of Hikvision for following reasons

* software is cumbersome.. clock is off.. saving clips is a pain..

* doesn't work on anything but IE, and even than with pain

* their support policy sucks (amazon is not an authorized dealer!)


On the pros side

* their software is probably not as horrible than alternatives within the budget

* cameras themselves are quality products with quality image


So, I need to make some upgrades..

Do I stick to Hikvision and upgrade both locations?

Do I start getting something Hikvision NVR compatible

Do I pick something else for home (e.g. Costco camera deals). In that case I can take remaining cameras to the store?


I am prewired in both places with CAT6 for cameras.


I am not camera professional. I'd prefer minimum tinkering.

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For now just ordered 2 more Hikvision cameras for the store.

Was hoping for free expert advice here so that I would avoid, but that didn't work out

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I know it is a little late but I just jumped on.


I would say HIK is a good option vs some no name Chinese company or over priced name brand. HIK's newer stuff looks great and things like offload are easier. You can also look at one of HIK OEMs that seem to be lower cost vs HIK.

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