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Alarms to iPad and iPhone

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I looking for VMS, which can comply this requirements:

On site we has Alarm panel, which can send customized message via serial port (up to 16 ASCII symbols). This messages should be used as alarm source for VMS.

Another possibility is to generate HTTP commands on alarms, and, the worst way, relay outputs.

I need integrate up to 40 different alarm messages to create alarms on video system (dome presets, alarm recordings).

Also, user should has possibility to receive, fast review and playback alarms events from alarms list via Windows PC and iPad, iPhone. Easy navigation is most important thing, especially, events reports on iPad, iPhone and fast search and playback selected events video.

On site are installed five Samsung SNP-6230RH PTZ cameras. From this cameras alarm outputs should be possibility to activate alarm sounders on alarm also.

Can you recommend me the VMS, to comply this requirements?

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