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Frank Sebem

TV Signal lost (SISTORE BOX). What have I pressed?

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Hi all


I am hoping someone can help me out here. However, I am not in the industry and not a CCTV engineer or professional. However, I am highly PC Competent and tech competent. The story goes as follows:


I drink in a local working mens Club. Recently, somebody stole a memorial box for a deceased member and we would like to nail the culprit. However, as this is an old working mens club and nobody in the club quite knows how to operate the old CCTV system so I volunteered to 'have a go'! After 30 minutes messing around on the CCTV box we found what we were looking for although the thief was cunning enough to escape detection. Anyway, shortly after I somehow pressed one of the buttons on the front of the box and the monitor now only shows vertical coloured lines similar to a TV test signal. The box is working fine but no matter what I press I cannot get the pictures back to the monitor. I went nowhere near the rear of the box because the box won't even pull forward (as it is jammed in). Therefore, whatever I have done I have caused it by pressing one of the buttons on the front of the box. I am now a little embarrassed because we now have no cameras showing on the monitor. I half wish I wouldn't have volunteered now but it is what it is. Can anybody help me please?


The box is about the size of a VCR. It is grey and it has a CD tray and eject button (Top Left). It has 16 individual buttons for cameras. These buttons are on the left. To the right of these is a small array of buttons including the menu, search buttons etc. To identify the box further the box is made by Siemens and the wording 'SISTORE' is printed on the box in the bottom left hand corner.


I have downloaded the manual on my phone but there is no mention of the test signal or coloured lines in the trouble shooting. I am convinced this is just a matter of pressing a button or a series of buttons.


Can anybody help please?

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