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Urgent Please Help Can anyone suggest good unknown wireless mouse that will work with the newest 720p & 1080p lorex cctv DVR systems I want to hide the receiver but I need to controlled from my bedroom on my TV screen somebody recommended this model Logitech Wireless Mouse m317 only work on old LOREX system 960h but Don't work

on the newer systems or I need usb cat5 already try model U12-41648 won't work either please help I need to finish project


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Most wireless mouse that I have used have a limited range of 10-25 feet.i have not been able to locate one with an extended range but I have not looked too hard either .

If your dvr has an ir remote control then you have another option .

Use an ir extender .they come in hardwired and wireless .

Install the ir extender receiver in your bedroom and the transmitter in front of the dvr's ir receiver .then use the remote control from your dvr to replace your mouse .here is some info on ir extenders . Good luck !



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