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Lorex LNR280 NVR (Hikvision 7608NI/P) hangs on boot

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I'm hoping you all can help me with my Lorex LNR280 NVR (purchsed at Costco). It has been running fine for a couple of years now. I just went to review some video on it (I has probably been 2-3 months since I logged on to it) and found it was running sluggishly, and downloading video kept failing.


So, I decided to reboot it... and it never came back up!


It still powers on, and the PoE and uplink network lights flash. It then beeps once and the Lorex splash screen comes up. And that is where it hangs. It is not reachable on the network. I've tried disconnecting the hard drives and attaching a new one, but that made not difference.


It is using the original Lorex Firmware, but based on other posts on this forum, I shouldn't waste my time with Lorex support.


Any suggestions on how to resolve this?



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Most likely it's the HDD faulty.


You mentioned it'd been runnning a few years.

Is the new HDD you try it with a SATA 2/3 HDD ?


Some older system doesn't support the newer SATA 3 HDD. Try it with an older SATA 1/2 HDD.

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