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Seeking Input for 1080p or more, 5 camera system for towing

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I have a 2016 Viking 17BH travel trailer that I am towing with my 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe limited. I would really like to add 1080p or higher resolution cameras for viewing and recording. I would place the cameras as:

- an internal dashcam

- back of the trailer for while driving and backing up

- back of the Santa Fe for either hooking up, or when the trailer isn't attached as rear view

- one on each side of the Santa Fe, up by the bumper looking back, for my side views.

Of course I would need a screen too.


I've tried doing searches, but nothing seems to match this. Does it exist?


Next year we plan to cross Canada, but will be using my dad's Ram 1500 for that extra oomph. Would such a system be easily movable, or would I need to get extra bits or a new system for when I use his beast?



- do any such systems have audio with the cameras?

- are there any spherical cameras that could added to the system (like the Ricoh Theta S)? I think for the cross Canada trip it would be awesome to have a Time Lapse video like that from Coast to Coast!

- Storage to a Hard Drive rather than a memory card would be phantasmagorical.

- Can there be different screens for each view?


Thanks for any tips.

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