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Motion Detector Signal to Cell Phone

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Hi Y'all.


I'm glad I've found this forum because I cannot find what I'm looking for on Google. So the question brings me here where hopefully I can get some live feedback and chat.


I'm looking for the words/keywords and answers to a simple question. It has to exist, so here it goes. What route can I take for make an at home security system with video and motion detecting that allows when motion is detected. For it to send a text or phone call to your cell phone. I know there are systems where you can view it from you cell phone but I'm looking for the "motion" part.


I would much rather have the knowledge something/someone is moving in my house rather then periodically checking my cell phone just out of curiosity.


Anyone know what I'm talking about?



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Most IP Cameras and DVR/NVR allow you to trigger an email whenever motion is detected.


You'll just need to set it up.


However, do note that most Motion refers to Video Motion.

This mean that any changes in the video beyond a preset parameter will trigger the event.

e.g. Curtain flapping, car light shinning into the house at night, lightning, fan moving, trees swaying, or shadow cast by moving objects.


You'll multiple unrelated events alerts throughout the whole day, everyday.

Video Motion is mainly meant to trigger higher quality recording rather than an alert event.


If you want to receive less false alarm, look for IP Cameras that has a build in PIR sensor and you can use it to trigger alert.

It'll only trigger when it detect body heat movement.


To send our SMS, you can subscribe to those SMS services and have the email sent to the services and convert to SMS. Some system support direct sending of SMS , but you'll still need an account with those SMS Services, e.g. http://burstsms.com.sg/, etc. SMS is not free. Email is.

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