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HDMI Splitter

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Hi all, i have just done an install of 12 Hikvision HD Turbo cameras, Hikvision Dvr with the HDMI output into an 1 in 8 out HDMI splitter out to 8 monitors. Why can i not get pictures on the monitors.

If I plug monitors straight into DVR i recieve pictures. IF i use a different device other than the DVR eg PS4 or Sky box through splitter i can get pictures on all 8 monitors. I have have tried changing resolution on DVR but no joy.

Any help would be great



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Is it a powered splitter?


If it is a passive (unpowered) splitter then you will need to go woth a active (powered) splitter. HDMI is a high bandwidth digital signal. You can check monoprice as they offer a wide range of high quality HDMI Splitter and HDMI cable products. I have used them for a few applications in the past with great success.



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