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NHD-815 Swann 3 megapixel HD camera issue

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I have 7 of these cameras installed and have had no issues for 6 months.

All of the cameras are set to CDS mode which means they automatically change to black and white night mode once it gets too dark.

Last night one of the cameras all of a sudden stopped automatically changing to night mode. It stays in day mode and therefore has a poor dark picture.

The infra red lights are showing on the camera but for some reason it just wont switch to night (black and white) mode.

I have had to manually set that camera to black and white mode permanently so that it is viewable at night, which now means that during the day the picture from it is also in black and white. (Unless I manually change it back to CDS every day)

When I manually change it though I am still hearing the click which is strange.

Any idea what would be causing it?

Thank you



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