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Clear Night Vision Needed, Have seperate IR

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Hi Gang,


Looking for a decent NIGHT cam, POE.. Dont care about price, Just need a top unit .. Price range over $500 at least and up to $1,500 for a cam.


Area to cover Driveway, 5 meters long X 3 Meter wide, car sit's about 1 meter from house, so it's about 2.5 to 3 meters to side front door of car.


External IR i have a Raytec 25


Current cam Bullet Hikvison DS-2CD 2042WD-I It's ok, pretty good but, I want Crisper clear night vision for faces, The HIK does the job, But i want better !


I have enclosures so box cams are not out of the question.. needs to be POE however ..


I use a Synology disk station for cam interface, works well as it dose the basics, Records !!


Please advise, I admit i don't know a lot and have spent days looking on the forum, But there is just to many things to choose from, Really need some good advice, Not interested in No name or low end crap, Want quality , Even if i have to push it up to $2k.. I really don't believe HIKVisions will cut the mustard for me , Looking for something decent, "Buy once buy right" !!


Only care about good NIGHT vision, don't care so much about daytime (But it's a bonus), Lets face it for home security things mostly happen at night !


Many Thanks...

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