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what would you choose out of these??

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iv already got BNC connections on my already installed cameras and I want to continue using them. I'm finding lots of confusing info so I just want some feed back on good or bad points about these following 4 ebay systems. I know the Sannce system cameras only have 1/4 cameras and the Floreon has 1/3, so I was leaning towards one of the floreon systems.

price is a major issue an I am well aware of "you get what you pay for".

(my first system was a sunluxy- don't go anywhere near them!! absolute garbage!!)


any info or thoughts would be great cheers!>









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Iv looked an the more I look the more confusing it is!

I plan on purchasing a new budget system but the details an options are endless.

can anyone tell me what brands are good? Bad? Stay clear from?

I know you get what you pay for an I'm on a tight budget. I'm looking at 8 channel- AHD systems for around $200 on eBay and Amazon . ( the cameras I already have BCN connections an I want to be able to continue using them)

Amcrest, Zosi, FLouron, SANNCE , Annke, Lorex, zmodo, night owl ??

What's a half decent brand??

Any thoughts?

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