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CCTV Problems - Garbled Video?

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Hi Guys,


Just thought I'd register here and post a bit of a predicament I'm in.


I've got a Hikvision DS-2CD2332-i camera. I initially connected it to my Synology DS1812 NAS for testing - had it running for over a week just fine, great picture quality, good night vision etc considering the price.


I then took the camera to the office where we have a RS814 (1U, 4Bay NAS, same brand etc) and set it up, but it seems while the video "looks" okay in live view, it is VERY choppy (looks like <1 fps, despite the camera being set to 20) and is very "blocky". Then, when viewing the recordings the video is extremely distorted. See screenshots below.


In addition to the massively distorted views of the camera, the frame rate in live view is so bad I don't think you can make anything at all out with objects jumping back and forth. I don't think this is a camera problem because it worked fine on my DS1812 in the test environment but now refuses to work properly with the RS814. I've tried a range of different camera settings - 1080p, 720p, 480p, 10fps, 20fps, 25fps using h.264. I also tried a range of different framerates, all the way from 2 to 20 - nothing seems to help.


Just can't figure this out. Any advice appreciated!


Day (Distorted like crazy!)



Night (Starts off fine, but gets grainier and grainier and then "resets" back to fine. Then goes grainy slowly again.


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I have posted on the synology forum, no luck there either.


It's not contention - I installed a 30 day trial of MaxFocus NVR and it looks perfect, no pixellation, no blockiness no nothing. So after eliminating the network and the camera, logically the only thing left that could cause problems is the Synology itself.

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Ok... I've solved my problem. No idea how or why but it's done.


I added the camera as a "GENERIC ONVIF CAMERA" rather than selecting "HikVision" then selecting the model number. The result is I can configure less items right from the synology surveillance station itself but this isn't really a big deal for me - I just log into the camera direct to configure.


It's been recording for about 45 min now. Live view is quite smooth and the recorded video isn't garbled.

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