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PTZ not zooming

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Hi all,

I have just installed a Swann PRO-A852 to go with my Swan DVR16-4400. I am having trouble as the camera will not zoom at all. The pan and tilt work perfectly but if you try zooming in or out, nothing happens and then the pan and tilt of the camera only move very slowly after attempting to zoom. The full speed can then be restored by calling a preset and then panning or tilting the camera from this preset position. The camera's instructions simply state to leave the DVR PTZ settings as they are. These settings are:

Baudrate: 9600

Data bit: 8

Stop bit: 1

Parity: None

Flow Ctrl: None

PTZ Protocol - PELCO-D

Address: 1


Many thanks in advance

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Check the power supply to the camera.


I have checked the power supply and it is supplying 24V as it should. It was brand new and came with the camera.

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