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Hi guy's..


Im looking at updating our cctv at work and was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of them.


We currently have an analogue system in place and our DVr has packed up, so ive been looking at this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16-Channel-Wireless-Pro-HD-Hybrid-DVR-HVR-H264CCTV-Digital-Video-Recorder-P2P-UK-/111390454495?var=&hash=item19ef6372df:m:my5c_4LzF9ifkPNvGoOfa0Q


Which would still allow me to use the old analogue system as well as add a couple of ip cameras (which I believe is better quality.


Ive been looking at using powerline adaptors which would save running new cabling everywhere.


Does anyone know if a PTZ would work over a powerline system?


I would gratefully appreciate anyone's input.


Many thanks in advance



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