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Is it possible to record clips from avigilon to the cloud?

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Im currently running Avigilon 5, with a compbination of Avigilon and Hikvision cameras. All recording to the server locally no problem.

Im looking to add some form of off site/cloud storage. Is this possible out of the box from ACC, or am I into enabling second streams and pulling them from elsewhere?


Even if it is just for 10 second clips whilst ever motion is recorded rather than the whole motion event each time.


Anyone have any tips or ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Hi Chester, while you could run ACC on an offsite location and connect the cameras to it over a recommended vpn connection, the upstream bandwidth from your local site to the remote would probably need to be pretty fast depending on the amount of cameras you had and would require more licenses at the other location. There is also no way to say i want to record locally at full resolution and low resolution at remote site.

If you were running the Standard or Enterprise version of the the software you could schedule a backup to be performed of the video every night

and store it at a mapped drive letter which would be an offsite location.

This essentially does an export of the video which you would later open up with the player software.

Also with Standard or Enterprise in the 5.10 software you could send a 10sec video clip or image to an email based on a motion/analytic event using the central station email setup.

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Thanks ericq.


I do have the standard version, and wondered about scheduled backups, however while that overcomes the bandwidth issue, it means that any motion detected during a possible break in would not be backed up until the evening after the event, so in the event of the security system being located and destroyed or stolen, then the recordings also go with it.


I could go the route of uploading clips to the cloud upon motion detection, but given the number of cameras and frequency of movement, this may be unrealistic. I may have some strategically placed cameras which would not show movement as often and set these to only upload of motion is detected, specifically one trained on the system itself so as to capture onto the cloud anyone who may access the room with the cctv server and attack/remove it.


The system itself is in a locked rack, and the actual storage could be located elsewhere so as to maximise the time the system has to capture and upload images before somebody hellbent on finding the cctv system.


Thanks for the tips, its given food for thought.

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If they get to the actual server to destroy it you have bigger problems than just loosing video. If they go to the trouble to hunt down and destroy the server they are not going to be dumb enough to show their faces or leave prints.

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