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Avigilon ACC 5 server config

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Hi all


I’m designing a job and am going to quote for ACC 5, I’ve looked on Avigilons web site for server specs which they have but don’t really provide much detail about drive configuration, i have also contacted there tech support & our Australian distributor but they only sent through a data sheet for a r520 & wouldn't provide any real detail


i plan on using a r530 with around 20TB of storage after RAID 5 or 6


I know with other VMS’s the system is split into the live database & the archive volume, also in the live & archive volumes the drives need to be formatted to certain specs eg: NTFS with 64k segment sizes with a drive strip size of 256KB or 512KB


Below is a typical setup for a server running a VMS that ive had experience with, is this required for ACC?

or can ACC run the OS & application on a SSD or SAS & use sata drives for the storage?


Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4

x2 8GB RAM


Os & application volume

x2 300g SAS drives RAID 1


Live data base volume

x3 300g 15k SAS drives RAID1 or 10


Achrive database volume

x5 6TB NL SAS drives RAID 5 or 6



ive seen avigilon offer a few different models of NVRs, im expecting with the above specs it would acheive 450Mbps in & out, any thoughts?


450Mbps in & out




Cheers Andrew

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Avigilon offers a standard server and a premium server.

The standard servers are configured with all 6 drives configured in RAID 5 with a 100GB Virtual Disk for OS and the balance virtual disk for data (C & D)


The OS and the application run on the OS partition and the D drive is used for video data. 256Mb is the maximum recommended bandwidth for Inbound and Outbound traffic combined.


The Premium Servers have (2) 256GB RAID 1 disks on the back of the server for OS and all the drives (12) on the front in RAID 6 for data.

There are 2 SFP Fiber slots on the back. If you have one of the fiber slots connected to a 10Gig switch you can do the 1350Mbps. If you team all 4 copper nics together for 4Gb you can do the 450Mbps.

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Actually ssmith, the nvr2's (r520) support 256Mbps incoming and outgoing to service the clients.

Using an R530 you'll be just fine if you stick to the above.

If you want to put acc and the os on a ssd drive that is fine as well and then just have 7200rpm or higher speed drives for the

video storage. Are you going to be using their cameras as well? if not which cameras and what type of viewing station specs will you be using?

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