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Analog HD video signal problem.

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Good day dear friends.

I am new to this forum thus I would like to ask to give me some credit if I am out of line somewhere.


The reason for my post is actually a whole bunch of issues with the CCTV system that I am currently working on. I hope that I get some help within this community since I have no other place to turn to.


First things first:

Back in 2015 I took on an adventure installing a brand new CCTV surveillance system at my factory. Prior to this undertaking I had about 12 cameras on the territory and 12 cameras in the office and workshops (old 400-500 TVLs running on coax). Given that factory grew and we got more orders, I began missing things especially that have to do with stainless steel and some equipment as well. So I have decided to cover every corner of the factory perimeter as well as every workshop on the territory. Soon I had a delivery of roughly 130 HD analog indoor and outdoor cameras, 3-64 channel Dvrs, 16 Channel distributors, Matrix switcher, Falconeye active receivers, video blauns and 18 channel power supplies. Overall the territory of the factory is 2200 feet from end to end. To install it I hired company A that jumped on the project and after about two month of cable running and camera installing - disappeared with a small deposit that was given to them, after them it was company B and everything ended with the same result but this time there was no deposit. Well after that I have decided to finish it myself since I have some basic understanding on how things work.


Here comes the dancing part. I would refer to the points as Right part - that is 1300 feet from the control room where all of the equipment is set and Left part that is 900 feet away from the control room.


First was the right part to be set up - building in question is metal construction with brand new ground contour. 9 cameras in that building, mounted on the walls of the building 3 inside and 6 outside running coax to the 18 channel power box mounted on the wall as well. From there it goes via cat5 cable with the blauns between coax and cat5 to the active receiver in the control room End result is perfect almost HD picture. Distance is 1300 feet. After about 3 month of happiness i began to see that at exactly the time when people come to work, picture from those cameras becomes distorted and then starts jumping around, where exactly at 5 pm when everyone leaves we see perfect picture with no distortions at all. This did not happen before, after doing some investigating i noticed that such event happens when someone using welding equipment and even corded drill will cause that to happen. This is issue number one.


Issue number two that drives me nuts is the left side of the factory. Same type of the building that is on the Left side but can not say anything about grounding. That building is 900 feet away with 2 cameras inside and 6 outside, mounted on the walls of the building with coax in to cat5 via blauns. Pretty much the same set up as in the building on the left side. Here comes the interesting part. In control room when connected to an active receiver each of the 9 channels shows barely lit indicator light (should be bright steady green) with no picture on the monitor. Ok given that, I check each incoming pair with the video tester SC-TM06AS and I see a perfect picture from each of the cameras. Trying it back at the receiver, there is nothing again with dim lights. Interesting thing is that readings on the tester for the video signal from that building read 630mv with strength weak, where there is building that is 30 feet away has signal of 600mv signal strength weak and i get almost HD picture, and what most interesting is that signal that is coming from the building that is on the right side of the factory that is 1300 feet away reads 500mv signal strength weak but shows almost an HD picture (but that happens at night only). This one beats me.




Yesterday I went checking all the wires and discovered the following:


1. Power supply connection to the cameras is via cat5 where on outside it connects to coax and further to cameras. I redid one camera with full coax power connection. - no result

2. Power supply connected via positive and negative terminal with no ground wire.

3. Cat5 used to run from blauns is of the different type (has foil screen and copper wire in addition to the regular twisted pairs) Tried to rule that one out but again building that is 30 feet away uses the same type of cat5 and no problems there. Also I ran a section of different cat5 up to the connection point between cat5 cables - signal increased to 800mv but no picture still.

4. Installed another blaun at the cat5 connection (makes 2 blauns) with no positive result.

5. Connected one of the cameras on the building in question by running cat5 to the building that is 30 feet away and connected it t he outgoing line from the camera that does work. - no result.


Can you guys please shed some light on these two issues - may be a hint of what can be the cause and may be a solution to solve these two issues. I would greatly appreciate that.


Thank you

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