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Honeywell HRG161 lost admin password

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So I purchased a store which came with this camera surveillance equipment and I really like it. My sister which was given the password by previous owner when he visited the store lost it. The owner past and now I have no way to get into the system and I really like it. I called Honeywell for help and they referred me to a tech company which is a Honeywell certified. The problem is the nearest company is 2 hours away from me and they charge me an arm and a leg just to travel and the worst is they told me I have to way too long cause of holidays nearing they are busy and the techs are overwhelmed, which pretty much sounded like they wont make much even after they charging me prime to fix the issue, now I am a computer tech (Windows and Mac) but have no idea about DVR equipment and I did google searches in every possible way and have not gotten a real lead as to how to input a master password. I can Telnet into the DVR and I can open it if I need to but since I don't have the password I can't seem to get past it. I want to be able to see my employees thru my phone and to set it up I really need to know the password. User: admin and the original 12345 pass was changed and hence my dilemma. please help guys, I will forever be in debt.


Specs: Honeywell HRG161

Serial # T1726B0021



BTW. I do know and I am aware this is a touchy subject and most will just read and ignore my request for help. I have the equipment and a DVD which has software from manufacturer, Installed it only PC to try to make changes that way and since I don't have a password again I found myself with a dead end wall. Anything anyone needs to ease the fact that is my equipment I am willing to provide but I really need this help since I can record with it cause it works but I can't see my employees from My phone anymore. I am concerned since I used to be able to see if they are ever in need of help. luckily I have not had a problem since I purchased the store and hope never will.


I am willing to pay for the help if I need to.

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I took the battery out for a few minutes, took the jumpers out and started the machine with no power to drain transistors and no luck

I have not seen a reset button

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did you find the way to reset? I have the exact same DVR with the default admin login password.


The default info is:


Name: admin

Password: 12345


As to mechanically resetting the data, I have not seen a way to do so and the manuals do not examine this either. Honeywell will only give support to certified installers and mine went out of business a few years ago. When I called Honeywell, an interesting question I was asked was if the screen was red and white or black and white... not sure if that is significant or not, but will find out once I speak with the referred service group.


There are four jumpers on the system board that I see and have tried all in various configurations to see if one might pull power from the data. There is no "reset button" on the unit. I will try it tomorrow to see if the channels are working, but there is not way to see the recorded data since it is locked out.


The only user in my system is the admin so I guess I need to make an operator login as well as defaulting my admin. I am just not sure why it is not 12345.


Somehow mine has changed.


I was hoping you found the procedure to reset yours.


I have called Honeywell and was referred to a local service team to speak with. I will post what I find once I talk to them though to see if it can help you too.

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