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    how do you reset the system back to factory default if you lost the admin password on the Honeywell HRG 16 units?
  2. did you find the way to reset? I have the exact same DVR with the default admin login password. The default info is: Name: admin Password: 12345 As to mechanically resetting the data, I have not seen a way to do so and the manuals do not examine this either. Honeywell will only give support to certified installers and mine went out of business a few years ago. When I called Honeywell, an interesting question I was asked was if the screen was red and white or black and white... not sure if that is significant or not, but will find out once I speak with the referred service group. There are four jumpers on the system board that I see and have tried all in various configurations to see if one might pull power from the data. There is no "reset button" on the unit. I will try it tomorrow to see if the channels are working, but there is not way to see the recorded data since it is locked out. The only user in my system is the admin so I guess I need to make an operator login as well as defaulting my admin. I am just not sure why it is not 12345. Somehow mine has changed. I was hoping you found the procedure to reset yours. I have called Honeywell and was referred to a local service team to speak with. I will post what I find once I talk to them though to see if it can help you too.
  3. Hi guys! I have an 8 channel DVR here which has software from 2011 on it. I am not sure who makes the unit, but I have the data here to review. I am trying find out if anyone knows if there is newer software than 2011, and who exactly makes this crazy thing: Manufcturer: NetDVR Model: R2008NV Software: V.4_0_1 build Jul.29, 2011 SN: DTL022008775 I hope this might rattle some cobwebs for someone. I am trying to attach pictures too as that might help more.