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CCTV box was hacked

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Hi Everyone

You may have seen some of my previous posts about problems with my old box interfering with my Internet and also Live View on web interface not behaving. Well, I got a new system and while I was dismantling the old one and checking settings for transfer across etc, I noticed it had been hacked. Please see this link http://www.securitycameraking.com/securityinfo/your-cctv-system-was-hacked-can-you-prevent-it/

and http://www.pcworld.com/article/3089346/security/thousands-of-hacked-cctv-devices-used-in-ddos-attacks.html


In the first link, that's exactly what I found on my box - an additional user called "system" which said your box has been hacked please secure. I also had the same web interface issues with Live Preview.


My installer put this in nearly 3 years ago and at the time he only told me to change my admin password which I did. I left the factory password alone as that's what I was advised to do. It was the usual Dahua 888888. So I think that's where and why it was hacked so easily. For what nefarious means I don't know. I haven't been burgled while this was going on, so it's not for that purpose. I did have all the internet issues whereby intermittently since the web interface issues (which is since it was hacked), and my internet would slow down so it was unusable even with an ethernet cable straight into the router. Then it would free up again for a while before it happened again. I don't know if that was hackers using my CCTV box as a route for DDos attacks (not that I now what they are, just that they use up all your bandwidth - can someone explain please?) or maybe it was the firewall kicking in on the router/home hub and stopping our access so we couldn't be hacked - is this possible in theory?

My BIG question is though, with all this in mind, does anyone know if, once the CCTV box has been breached, home data on laptops, Macs, iPhones etc is compromised or could my theory about the firewall be correct?

But people be warned - change EVERY password possible on your CCTV box! And look out for the things mentioned in the articles above.

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simple check, unplug the dvr from the router and see if your speed corrects itself. if the password was not changed and somebody 'found' your dvr on the net it could be posted to one of those open camera sites and you will get thousands of people watching your dvr feed, slowing down the internet at your residence. make sense?

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