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nvr and ip cameras using powerline adaptors

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Hi guy's.


Ive installed a DVR/NVR (combined unit) at work and plugged in the camera into the DVR and all works correctly.


Ive also plugged a camera into a POE switch which is on my network and all works fine.


Ive then, plugged in a power line adaptor into my poe switch and a camera into the power line (also using a poe injector).


The camera on the power line worked after a bit of tinkering, but then stopped. I've tried searching on the NVR system for it and it doesn't seem to find it.


Can anyone please give me some advice on what it could be?


Also, do i need to setup any port forwarding on my hub?


Id appreceate any help that is offered.


Many thanks in advance.



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