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Service and Maintenance Contract

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Hello All,


My company has been commissioned to provide an annual service and maintenance contract for a city-wide camera system. The system consists of roughly 300 fixed and PTZ cameras, using various transmission means.


I am looking for information on how to price the contract. I have heard others do 10% annually of the initial cost, but with this large of a system I want to make sure that figure would still be accurate.


Also, what do you guys cover as far as out of warranty equipment under the contract? I know of others that only cover the cost for out of warranty equipment that is less than 4 years old, anything after that is billed for parts, and labor separate from the contract.


Any input would be helpful!

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If its a system i've not installed i usually tell them a price on a annual service and maintenance but parts are charged separately at RRP, but i've never done anything near 300 camera system TBH.

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