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  1. Hello All, My company has been commissioned to provide an annual service and maintenance contract for a city-wide camera system. The system consists of roughly 300 fixed and PTZ cameras, using various transmission means. I am looking for information on how to price the contract. I have heard others do 10% annually of the initial cost, but with this large of a system I want to make sure that figure would still be accurate. Also, what do you guys cover as far as out of warranty equipment under the contract? I know of others that only cover the cost for out of warranty equipment that is less than 4 years old, anything after that is billed for parts, and labor separate from the contract. Any input would be helpful!
  2. The reader is from VingCard, for a 2800 series system, but I am not sure what model it is specifically as they have not ordered one yet. I would imagine its your standard NOC
  3. EricTrueView

    connect NVR attached router to WAN router

    6 cameras are connected through Ubiquiti Nanostations. I only have one connection into router from cameras, and then to NVR through LAN ports on router. I dont think I can use a switch because of using wireless over AP.
  4. Hello all, I installed an 8 camera IP system at a clients office building. Currently it is set up as a fully closed network, with its own router that is not connected to the internet, or to the office's network. Client requests Remote viewing for cameras, and I know that I will have to connect the camera system's router to their office router, which has internet access. Can someone give me a step by step guide on how to do this? Lets say that Router 1 is the office router, and Router 2 is the camera router. - Router 2 connects to Router 1 via ethernet from LAN port on router 1 to LAN port on router 2. - Sign up for DDNS for Router 1 (ISP provides dynamic IPs, not sure of refresh and renewal schedule) Then do I assign router 2 an IP address on the same subnet as Router 1? Currently I have Router 2 and all cameras connected to it on static IPS, on 192.168.1.xxx addressing scheme. I really dont want to mess up their network at all, so the easiest and fastet way to do it is probably the best way for this install. Help?
  5. Thanks for all the tips. I definitely need to use a lock, whether mag or electric strike, because the doors can be slid open easily by hand even when the power to the door is shut off, and customer requires a lock. There is a standard lock on the door, but I have no idea how I would wire it for an electric strike, and allow the wiring to move freely with the door when it opens and closes. My distributor recommended using Altronix PT724A, but Im not sure if thats going to be enough for the install. The door requires keycard (which I'm using the brand the hotel uses), motion sensor, intercom activation, and manual exit from inside. I will only need to use the intercom and keycard reader between the hours of midnight and 8 AM. And then I need an easily accessible manual shutoff for the timer so that the hotel management can shut the system down for nights when they have late night events and such so the doors can just open regularly as they would during normal business hours with the motion sensor. I am still somewhat confused as to how I can get this manual shutoff for the timer and everything, as well as whether I should use a mag lock, or somehow wire an electric strike. I wouldn't do a lock at all but they are requiring it, so Ill have to figure something out. Can anyone suggest the best timer to use?, or an equipment list of what you would use? Even a drawing for the wiring diagram would be extremely helpful!
  6. Hey all, I have kind of a weird custom job coming up, and not really sure how to proceed. I have done a lot of intercoms and access control before, but never in this situation. Here we go: This is for a major hotel, which has automatic sliding glass doors for the front entrance. Doors are activated by motion sensor, and have manual shutoff switch, and manual key lock. Customer wants doors to be automatically locked at midnight, only to be opened by hotel guests with same keycard they use for their room. (Keycard access for hotel rooms are non-networked, standalone devices). Each card is programmed for each hotel guest, and this same key also needs to access front door. Customer also wants video intercom with a buzz in system from the front desk for new guest arrivals, vendor drops, etc. Not really sure how exactly to do this, but what I have theorized so far, is that the hotel key needs to deactivate magnet lock(guessing to use magnet lock to hold the two doors together and closed?), and then activate automatic door motor. Same thing for when intercom buzzes in. Also need a manual override for the whole system, for nights when there are events in the hotel and they do not want doors locked automatically at midnight.
  7. Hey all, I am trying to find some different dealers other than the dealer I have been using, ADI global. Can anyone recommend any dealers you have used personally and can highly rate? Im looking for good prices, and great customer service. (Im willing to pay a little more per camera etc. for quality service and fast shipping times.) I have been mainly using IP cameras, but I do a lot of access control so finding a dealer that sells Aiphone, Rosslare, etc. would also be helpful. All opinions are appreciated! Thanks, Eric
  8. EricTrueView

    New System Design

    Hey everyone, I am designing a system for a large Morton Building, of which half of the building has been converted to office space. The building is 40' x 80'. I am designing the system to have 12 cameras, 8 exterior, 4 interior, all IP 2mp. There are already 3 HDTV monitors in the building, all of which connected to direct tv(hoping to inject CCTV signal into direct tv signal and create custom channel?) Or should I just run HDMI from NVR direct to monitors?. The client wants 7 days backup on HDD, so my plan is to use 8TB NVR. Anyone have suggestions? comments? all would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric