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Hikvision Fire Hazard or POE?

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I installed this hik camera outside three years ago and it recently stopped working. See attached photograph of burning at the Ethernet connection. Has anyone seen this before? It's a ninety feet run to the Poe. Camera, POE injector, wiring, connector at fault?


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Yes, just had it happen. It is because of oxidation on your network/poe connector pins and an improperly sealed connection. This is a fire hazard for sure. You must spray the connectors with dielectric grease before connecting, then seal really well with self amalgamating tape (self sealing rubber stretch tape like 3m Temflex) to completely lock out moisture. The moisture corrodes the copper pins on the connectors, then it draws excess current and eventually arks right when it reaches failure and completely stops working. I cleaned the cat5e connectors with a brass brush from hfrieight, then cleaned the inside of the female connector with a tiny brush. Then I sprayed dielectric grease on both connectors, wiped off the excess. Then after connecting, completely sealed the connection from air, moisture, etc. I am an IT/computer professional and did not know about this issue, but it makes perfect sense. I think the seal they provide from oem may or may not work well enough with grease. If you really want to go crazy, spray it - then seal it with the oem connector (usually have to push cat 5 through seal, then put on connector and krimp before final sealing of oem connector (screws together)), THEN seal that setup with the rubber self sealing stretch tape, and I guarantee you won't ever have a connection issue. I also opened up my camera and stuffed it with dessicant and never have a problem with fogging, etc. After cleaning connectors, I brought inside to test, and viola - it's alive! Working fine now.


Almost forgot - found the pigtails and instruction for replacing the burned pigtails. Usually you can change out the pigtail and camera will still work. Take camera apart and look for any burns on boards. I didn't see any and didn't need to replace the pigtail. I got lucky after about 1 year I had a mini failiure but it was right by cobwebs and my styrofoam rafter vents. That was a fire just waiting to happen!!!!!

Hope this helps -


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