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Help with scrapping Q-SEE DVR and using D1 cameras

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I'm hoping someone can point me in the best solution to this problem. I'm on my second DVR, a Q-See 4760 16 channel with 12 D1 cameras, that I've been using for years. I've only been using 3 of the cameras but I'm going to hook them all up soon. I hate dealing with webclient to view remotely, and I've never liked the software on the DVR. Between myself and other family members we've probably bought 6+ DVRs from various companies and I find they're all pretty bad and lacking. The cameras are fine for what I need, and I plan on switching to IP cameras at some point, but I'd like to keep using the cameras. I have a desktop PC I use as a media server and various other things that's on 24/7 that I would like to use as a DVR. What's the best way to keep using the cameras without the DVR? Or is it better just to scrap the entire system and get some IP cameras? I'd like to steer clear of proprietary cards or DVRs. I just want to connect cameras to my PC and use universal software or possibly a NAS from a company that won't abandon it. I don't want to dump any more money into something that's kludgy and unsupported in a few years. I've looked into NVRs a little, but that route looks like the same situation as the analog DVR...the companies don't support them at all and after a year or so they don't update or fix anything.


Routes I've looked into:

- USB dongle/adapter (this seems like the cheapest, easiest route, but bandwidth and software/drivers could be an issue)

- USB Capture device that supports multiple sources and convert bnc to composite and use universal software

- Analog-to-ip converters (seems not worth the price for the benefit of using old cameras, and totally dependant on software in converter)

- NVR with analog support (this didn't seem bad but the ones I looked at from Super Circuits had limited connections for ip cameras and again dependent on NVR software)

- Installing different OS on current DVR (I don't think this is possible, and probably not worth the effort, but maybe someone knows for sure)


If anyone could point out some products or a good source for something that will take all the camera video and allow me to use universal software on my PC I'd appreciate it. I'm mainly interested in being able to remote view easily without being dependent on webclient and being able to view videos without the screwy Q-See software.

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