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Wife Spooked - Any 4MP or 5MP Analog varifocal Cameras...

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...that would fit the Swann or Q-see system below? Do they exist?




Spook.....Rattled.....Upset.....Running Scared




Wife is a bit unglued at the moment.

We live in a good area, had no problems for the past 5 years.


Over the past few months our neighborhood has had 4 break-ins.


3 happened during the day and one around 8pm.


During the day people were at work during the break-ins; the 8pm they were out to dinner.





And this past Friday I left a sleep study because I was ill, and got back to my neighborhood around 10 pm and at least four police cars were about looking for a suspected burglar.


This freaked my wife out because she kept seeing police car lights going past our house at least 6 times before I got home.








Our budget is tight because I had to retire early because of back injury, and she retires in less than three years.





The house is fully alarmed, and has a few motion detectors inside which is nice but only helps after a break-in.


I'm going to install a Ring doorbell at the front door.





Our thoughts --- Being on a tight budget and SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING: We are buying from Costco and having installed [$1100] by a contractor, either the





Swann 8 channel/ 8 Camera 5MP/ HD ANALOG DVR/ 2 TB HDD.......Item # 1 1 2 2 2 4 1 $600




Q-See 8 channel/ 8 Camera 4MP/ HD ANALOG DVR/ 2 TB HDD........Item # 1 1 1 2 5 6 1 $500



I realize for most here with your security camera knowledge this wouldn't be your choice, but with our budget and no camera system knowledge it gets us into the game with some coverage of the outside of our house with text alerts.





I'll take all advice but would appreciate the following questions answered in some detail:





The above systems I picked out are Analog systems.......





If they would work on the above systems I asking for recommendations for security cameras of at least 4MP for the Q-See and 5MP for the Swann. I'd like for those cameras to also be varifocal with a range of 2.8 - 12mm.





Bullet cameras if possible because of placement. I'm looking to replace one of the packaged camera with the varifocal. I'm looking to set the focus length and focus and never move it, so manual adjustments are ok, I think. Under $ 250 if possible.





I'm guessing the camera would have to be analog but what do I know.


The DVR would use BNC camera cables.


I'm not only asking for recommended cameras, but also for recommended web sites on where to buy them.



Please help my SPOOK WIFE by helping me with some of your know-how.

















Teaching A Old Dog New Tricks

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