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Mobile Communications Rescue Vehicle - Hybrid DVR/NVR

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Non expert here, looking for some advice.


I’m working on a support vehicle (think 25 foot RV) used in conjunction with remote search & rescue. The vehicle currently has 3 cameras (rear and both sides) and I will be adding at least one more one forward facing. The three existing cameras are all analog cameras that feed a central video switch which displays on a single driver viewable display; one channel at a time based on turn signal and reverse activation.


The goal is to replace the video switch with an encoder and put the video streams on the vehicles LAN, with the video streams then being available concurrently to any connected device – via ethernet or Wi-Fi.


In addition, the ability to use the system as a ‘accident/dash camera’ would be ideal. Features to include:


  • NVR/DVR – looped for 10 minutes or so, with (x minus 10 min and x plus ~60 min) video saved upon triggering event (inertia/impact/impulse sensor as an event trigger)
    Data channel or text overlay for GPS & vehicular data (OBD)


Other Info:


  • OBD data is currently available via vehicle harness or WiFi.
    GPS data is currently available via serial connection or WiFi.
    Resolution is more critical than Frame rate (15 vs 30)
    A "mostly" vibration isolated QNAP NAS exists on the LAN, but direct storage to solid state (SD card) in the NVR/DVR would be optimal.
    12 VDC main bus
    May add additional IP cameras (mast) in the future, but less critical.




Mostly looking for implementation suggestions.


  • Reasonable DVR/NVR at a reasonable price.
    Tips, things to consider, insights.


Happy to answer any questions and thanks for any help!



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