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Hello from southern Louisiana

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I have owned my own surveillance system for about 4 years now running a NVR at home supporting 5 IP cams and 3 analog cams. Installed by me, all IP cams are Vivotek and have had good look with the dome 8134s (3) but not so good with the 7361s (2). That said, I am not here for camera info but more to learn about off site recording.


On site running my NVR I am using the Aver NV6000 series with 2 TB and no problems but my offsite is located at my work office and when I updated to Windows 10 my recording software became dysfunctional. I was able to view via my phone though. My offsite recorder is Aver Central Management. I suppose I could purchase Windows 7 and revamp my system but Win 7 is not the latest and I'm thinking in a short number of years it will not have support. It is silly to me that Aver CM can't run well on 7 but both the tech support guy and our company IT guy ran into the same problem. The program did not fully integrate; some cameras were missing, feeds were not connecting and would drop, etc. I will search carefully and see if anyone has already opened a topic about this exact issue. One of the goals I have of joining this forum is to obtain a better grasp of how off site works and I will share any knowledge/experience I learned from my system (camera dependability, supplemental IR, etc) to others.



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