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CCTV coverage in 3D

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Hi Guys

Anybody can help on CCTV coverage study in 3D? I have plant structure file 3D in Smart Plant Review ( in .vue file). Have to place cameras in the location and view how well it can cover the area. The camera we use is Ventionex and total qty is around 60. Appreciate if you could be able to provide a contact who can do this 3D study. Thanks

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Dear selvaOmega,


It is not always possible to convert DXF to DAE becauase DXF quite often is 2D drawing and DAE is 3D graphcs format. There is a chance that Skethcup Pro can covert AutoCAD to DAE (File/Export/DAE).


If you plan to import that DXF into IP Video System Design Tool to visualize your CCTV coverage in 3D you should now that the program can import DXF and DWG files.

Also starting from version 9.1 IP Video System Design Tool can import 3D models in .OBJ format apart from .DAE.




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