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overhead cam projection

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Hi Everyone

i know i won`t be the first to try this, so hopefully someone can recommend which way i have to go with this.


i am a magician and at our local club i have been asked to try to find out if it is possible to film overhead (no recording) and project the over head camera onto a large screen so people sat back from the front can see what the magician is doing from the over head projected video, i would like to connect 2 camera`s (one over head and one camera face on) through an rca switched junction box into a projector with rca input connectors. so i can manually switch between the 2 camera`s.

can anyone please give me any ideas of what i can use camera wise and if i need anything else to do this, we dont really want to connect the camera`s through a dvr unit and record.


Many thanks


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