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Recommendation needed - 8 cameras & DVR - NVR

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Hey guys,

Doing my homework before I buy anything.

Let me preface by saying I am in technology space and technically savvy.


Looking for recommendations for a NVR system for my home.

Here are my requirements


- 8 cameras min

- DVR (with some type of app/remote access capabilities)


Quality is important but I am not a snob. This will be for home surveillance.

Budget is $2,000 USD.


Anything in particular you suggest?

I am hearing sourcing the cameras and DVR separately are a good way to go?

If so, is there anything I need to keep in mind for compatibility..

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I suggest you take advice from any security camera professional person. If you live in Orlando, Florida area then consult with Wetter Solutions, they deal in various security camera brands and offer CCTV installation service in Orlando, they will assist you best and give you best opinion that suits both your budget and home security needs.

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