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Night vision without IR

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I’m new and the more I investigate the more things seem way over complicated but have a simple idea.


We’re thinking of getting one POE camera for now to see how things go and eventually an NVR with more cameras for outdoor security.


From what we’ve learned – or think we’ve learned:

1. we don’t want a camera that shines its own IR light for night viewing because it will be located on a private house in a rural setting and expect spiders. They are everywhere here!

2. Separate IR blasters can be an energy hog. Turning off the IR on the cameras seems like a waste.

3. using “video motion triggering” is somewhat touch and go; especially at night.


With these three points in mind is there a way to have plain old motion detectors turn on plain old “white visible light” spot lights AND the cameras at the same time to start recording video?

Or are we way off here?


I don’t mind wiring up anything custom and always prefer separate components.




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Thank you Sentience Security for your reply!


While I appreciate your reply along with PMs from others and I understand that patronizing a business is important, I was hoping for shared knowledge for a DIY’er/hobbyist so maybe others could benefit as well.


Maybe my post is in the wrong area or forum?


I’m not looking for an entire system, but would like to get my feet wet with recommendations for:

  • 1.Brands of reliable wired Outdoor Motion and/or photo cell beam Sensors with N.C. contacts.
    2.Brands of “NON IR” IP Cameras that work well with plain old white spot lights at night.
    3.Or maybe special brands of low voltage LED spot lights for this purpose?


The driveway I’d like to cover (for now) is 80ft long, 20ft wide and goes north from the house. I probably don’t need to go the full length of 80ft. It all depends on the cost of the recommendations.


The camera, light(s) and motion sensor(s) would be mounted from 9 to 13 feet high over the garage door.


Thanks for any information you can provide and please let me know if I should be posting this in a different spot or forum.


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I use an older XP computer with security capture cards and freeware. Security cam systems ARE a rocket science and I've learned much in the last 9 years. I also have an NVR security cam system I repaired and will be the first to tell you, it doesn't come close to my home brew. You can buy wired cams with IR cut for chump change (which I suggest you do unless you're out in the boonies where there is little radio interference). I've yet to see a wireless cam system that isn't fraught with interference in town. Use quality coax and you'll be happy if you want to save big bucks. POE isn't worth the hassle either. If you're going to use coax, get some pvc conduit and boxes and run the power and coax through them. DON'T buy these junk pre packaged systems. You can also connect your PC security system to your home network, see it on any other network PC and best of all, anywhere you can get internet access, you can view your cams from a smart phone. I've got approximately 1000 sq ft of ranch home and 8 cams running and you can build one (excluding the PC which you could get from a second hand store) just like it for 40 bucks for the cards, chump change for the conduit and boxes, coax (depending on the run) and 8 cams (15 bucks a piece) for less than 250 bucks. As far as cobb webs, you'll have problems with them no matter what you do. Planning is every thing also. Send me your facebook IM in a private message and I'll tell you what you're in for.

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