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Hi all, I apologize if I'm in the the wrong forum, I'm new to this forum and I have a specific scenario that I'm trying to solve for.


I have a business complex which has multiple buildings and I have existing systems that monitor the exteriors and entryways to the buildings.


I have an office which has a large window about 20 yards from my office window. I need to have a motion detected recording of that room. This is related to a theft issue and I need it to be high definition because the individuals in question have access to the room as part of their job but I need to see who is doing what. I have access to the room but a camera would be immediately noticed even if it was "hidden".


I can set up a webcam on a computer which motion detection software, but I can't get the zoom or resolution that I need.


Would you recommend that I purchase a high-zoom camera or is there something I can use to connect my webcam to a telescope or spotting scope or something to get what I need? This is a temp set up and I can't blow my budget on it.



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