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Best simple motion activated license plate capture solution?

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I'm looking for a good motion-activated LPC camera with built-in storage.


My non-gated neighborhood would like to keep track of vehicles entering and exiting the property. This would not be actively monitored. Instead, the idea would be that if there was a crime committed, a neighbor could give us an approximate time and we could then go back to check license plates entering and leaving around the time of the event.


We have two entrances to the neighborhood, so we'd likely need 4 total cameras to monitor entry and exit at each entrance.


These cameras will not be located within range of internet, but we will have access to electricity. There is some landscape lighting and street lighting in the area, but none specifically designed for LPC.


I know there are really fancy, really expensive LPC solutions that interconnect to an NVR, have internet, record plate numbers to text files, etc. I don't want any of that because it is going to be way too complicated and expensive for our neighborhood to set up, plus establish and maintain a remote internet connection!


I'm looking for a standalone solution that can operate more like a motion-activated trail camera and record to a local SD card. If an event occurs, we pull the cards and review the pictures taken around the time of the event. Compare any license plates to a spreadsheet of neighborhood plates. Yes, reviewing the surveillance would be more leg work than a more integrated system, but it would also be way simpler and cheaper to set up and maintain.


This is the closest product I've found:




But it doesn't get great reviews re night plate capture, and the battery-only design would be a nuisance because the volume of traffic and pictures would likely require frequent battery swaps.


Can anyone recommend other motion-activated LPC cameras with built-in storage that might meet my needs?

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Hi. Please take your time to do homework ..... the link you posted will just be a waste of $600.


Also even tho it sounds like a good idea having cameras at entrance what it captures may not be what you think.

Police may not do anything with just a number plate.

So again $600 wasted x 4 that’s $2400.


Also Motion activation is also a bad idea for LPNR .... by the time it switches on car has gone past view.


$2400 would be better spent on IP cameras on homes looking out onto road or directed towards homes.... and each camera going back to 1 nvr

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Motion is your nemises for night time cctv. You need enough to activate your DVR but not so much as to produce a blurred image. You may need to separate the two functions.

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