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New build system suggestions

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Hello, I am currently having a new house built and the builder is going to allow me to prewire for my surveillance system. I would like some recommendations on a good HD system. My installer is prewiring with copper Ethernet cable soon, as the house is just a frame right now and it is the perfect time to do it. I would like a good HD system to be able to possibly read license plates and good, clear night vision.


I currently have a QC eight cam system (non HD) in my current house and I'm not really impressed. The clarity isn't really there, the cameras have to constantly be unplugged from the power supply to reset the IR filters, and the mobile app only works about 50% of the time on my iPhone, and 0% of the time on the iPad app.


I will be taking the 4TB WD HD out of my current DVR and putting it in whatever new DVR I get.


I will need at least 10 cams in my new house.



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