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MINI IR HIGH SPEED DOME V1.3 circuit board burnt out chip

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I accidentally applied 24vac to a 12vdc mini dome cam.

Good move eh? Lol

I have no idea what make it is.

Got it online from China.

Luckily I purchased 2 of them so I'm presently using the other one that I didn't burn out.

The only thing it says on the box is "Mini IR High Speed Dome".


The small power distribution circuit board on top of the dome under the mounting arm with the 3A/250V fuse didn't protect the V1.3 circuit board from failing but it did protect the camera because I swapped the good circuit board from the other camera to this one and the dome booted up normally.

Does anyone know what chip is at location "D2"?

That chip fried but I retrieved the markings about the burnt chip from the good dome and I see: "1605 BV"

I've searched and searched Mouser, Digikey, Allied Electronics and can't seem to find a match for this chip.

Of course, any help from you guys on this little problem of mine would be awessome! " title="Applause" />


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This is picture of the dome cam from the internet that I'm talking about.

There's no manufacturer's name on it or the on the User's Manual.

The only stickers on the outside of the dome is that the address is 01 and inside the base there's a sticker that says it's NTSC rather than PAL. haha


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