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Remote Disarm Dahua NVR Alarm Out

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Hi from Australia. Congratulations to all involved. This forum has a wealth of knowledge I have been referring to every now and then. However I cannot find an answer to my current question.

I have been asked to provide a solution to a returning client on securing his remote workshed and shipping containers he uses to store his tools etc.

We are looking at using Paradox DG85 PIR sensors connected to Dahua NVR to provide Push alarms on his mobile using gDMSS Plus also using NVR to activate siren on his property.

My question is how to remotely disarm Dahua NVR alarm output, providing him access to his property without all hell breaking loose.

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You can manually arm/disarm the alarm outputs on the NVR right from the live view on DMSS.

Thanks Securame, I found it right there and thank you so much again. So simple.

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