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DIY Storage Array - 150TB

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The company I support is moving to a new warehouse that needs a new surveillance system. It is in a sketchy area and has already been broken into, and I expect it will be again, so the company wants good coverage of the whole location inside and out. Given that the building is 16,000sqft and that the layout is odd, my best estimate is that I will need somewhere between 15 and 20 quality HD/4k cameras make that happen...which means a lot of footage to store for 30 days. My best estimate with Avigilon's calculator is that I will need somewhere around 150TB of disk space which is something I'm prepared to tackle, but have only dealt with arrays in the 16TB neighborhood thus far and am aware that this isn't necessarily something for normal RAID solutions. If cost wasn't an issue, I would just do RAID10, so I'm wondering if multiple, smaller RAID5/RAID6 arrays might be reasonable, but unless I make them either very small (~10TB) or am willing to pull a copy and rebuild from scratch, that doesn't feel particularly good to me.


Right now I'm looking at 24 bay Supermicro servers for the chassis which would let me use 8TB drives to hit my storage goals, but apart from the cloud (insufficient internet bandwidth) I'm open to all suggestions.


Thanks in advance!

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